Electric Lab Centrifuge Machine Model 800D 6 Tubes

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Centrifuges separate heterogeneous mixtures into their various components – liquids in liquids, solids in liquids, and liquids in gases, based on the different densities of the components. One of the most common uses is to separate red blood cells and other blood components from whole blood.

Has a maximum capacity of 6 x 20ml and a maximum speed of 4000rpm, making it a great choice for low volume sample separation. Intended as a worktop centrifuge Compact and quiet enough to install in an office or classroom as well as in laboratories and medical settings
The speed dial ranges from 0-4000rpm and it has a 0 to 60 minute timer.
Safe, compact and quiet to use Ideal for home and educational settings
  • Specifications Model: 800-1 Maximum speed:4000r/min
  • Capacity: 20ml×6 Maximum relative
  • Centrifugal force:1790×g Time rang:0~60min or without limit
  • Electric current: AC 110V 60 HZ Operation
  • Indoor temperture: 5- 32°C
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